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PropTech360 2024

Global Real Estate And Technology Summit

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PropTech360 Global Real Estate and Technology Summit is back! We are excited to welcome leaders, investors, startups, and more in all areas of real estate and technology. Professionals from around the globe will gather in Tel Aviv, Israel to discuss the state of proptech.

Interested in learning about how you can get your brand in front of this exclusive audience? If so, let’s schedule a time to speak about opportunities that fit your needs.

Email our PropTech360 Co-Founder Avia Tzur Farber directly:


Our Event

PropTech360 is a premier networking summit in the heart of the StartUp Nation, which caters to the global real estate and technology market (Proptech). (Proptech).

Launched in 2018, our summit presents an opportunity for international Proptech professionals and investors to gain exposure to the booming Israeli tech scene, while providing a platform for local start-ups, VC’s, and real estate professionals to gain access to the international Proptech market. Above all, PropTech360 is an exceptional opportunity to engage with customers, collaborate with international thought leaders, and build strategic partnerships.


Topics covered at the 2023 Summit

Practically speaking; The adoption of automation and AI in property management and maintenance
The role of technology in real estate investing, including the use of artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, and blockchain in the industry
Democratization of everything—Will the rise of the crowd endure the shifting economic reality?
The rise of flexible housing models to fill a demand and build a more profitable business
The future of real estate investment and development, including trends in urbanization, suburbanization, and demographic shifts
Shifting ownership models in the new economy, from fractional ownership of second homes today, to blockchain ownership in the future
The future of real estate finance in a rising interest rate environment; from disruptive tech backed mortgage brokerages to advanced analytics and alternative lending sources
Contech; a mature industry with proven tech businesses today, and futuristic aspirations for tomorrow
Building for tomorrow; The role that the built world and sustainability plays in the future

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